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Hi, I've installed Windows 2000 onto a computer of mine that once hasWindows 98 on it. When I turn the computer on it shows the dual boot screen (option to start up with Windows 2000 or 98). I can't get rid of Windows 98 from this menu, and there is no boot.ini file on the computer at all. What can I do about it?
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"click on edit (boot.ini)" unfortunately this option in not available in windows 2000.
You can however set the time of "Display the list of operating system for" to 0 which will hide the selection menu of the OS
There must be boot.ini on the computer. It's a hiddin file on the root of the system partition. Look for it.
right click my computer select properties
upper tab go to advanced
click on settings in startup and recovery
click on edit (boot.ini)
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reference: http://www.winnetmag.com/Article/ArticleID/42039/42039.html

To determine whether the boot.ini file is truly missing, go to the command prompt and, from the root directory, type

dir/ah boot.ini

When you run this command, the system will tell you whether the file exists. For example, the following information shows that the boot.ini file exists on my PC:

01/07/2004 12:07 AM 194 boot.ini
1 File(s) 194 bytes
0 Dir(s) 34,114,322,432 bytes free

go to the command prompt and
go to ur root directory (default is c:\) try cd\
type "edit boot.ini"
after u alter tat file
use alt+f, s to save and x to exit

NOTE: pls b extra careful dealing with boot.ini
Julz0802Author Commented:
Thanks everyone, I figured it out in the end!
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