XP restarts during: any virus scan, or cleandisk, or diskwipe, or any action that touches RECYCLER folder

I've just reinstalled XP Home (a completely fresh reinstall) onto my partitioned C drive. After installation I did the usual driver updates, and downloaded/installed XP SP1. Prior to this reinstall I did daily Norton Antivirus scans (with most current virus defs.), Adaware, and Spybot scans. No virus or spyware problems were ever noticed recently.

Now, whenever I do any antivirus scan (Norton, Mcaffee, Zonelabs), either an online or offline scan, XP instantly restarts while scanning the C:RECYCLER folder. No specific information or error code is given upon restarting. When I do the CleanDisk utility, XP freezes about 10 seconds into it. Apart from this problem, XP is functioning perfectly.

Furthermore, I tried using a command line function to delete the C:RECYCLER folder. After doing this, XP would not boot up past the initial Windows screen, even when I tried in Safe mode. After several attempts, I managed to boot up successfully, but now the problem remains. I'm unable to do any virus scans because the system restarts while scanning C:RECYCLER.

Any ideas? Let me know if more information is needed. Many thanks!
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zvitamConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Check you HDD for bad sectors that might be the problem.

Almost all HDD vendor have their own diagnostics utility.

Hope that helps.
john_henry7Author Commented:
I forgot to mention....
I've also tried using the Kremlin Wipe Disk, Wipe Free memory utilities. Again, XP restarts without warning.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you mustn delete recycler instead go to it in C drive and open it and rightclick the script there that is the files you may have deleted and empty it if there is something in there.
If you cant open recycler itself only go to folder options and tick to show all files and folders..

Suggest go to control panel administrative tools applications event viewer and take note of what errors are recorded there> they may help diagnose what problems are happening.
Then boot to safemode press f8 keep tapping it at boot up, then choose safemode and then xp. login as administrater so that you scan your pc without any programs interfering.
I would also check for any corrupted files run sfc /scannow you may need your xp cd.
Run your anti virus checkers.
Do you have 2 anti virus programs installed if so remove one.
Even the most people are very careful I have to let you know taht some updates may be a virus.
try house calls free online scanner http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
  and stinger it is a free stand alone trojan checker http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/
and it found one in my recycler as well.;)
But dont try to delete recycler lol. its a system folder.

Windows restarts without warning.  http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000605.htm#4
Boot your computer into safe mode, and let the computer run in safe mode. If the computer is still rebooting in safe mode the issue is likely not software related but something else, skip to the next section. If the computer is not rebooting in safe mode it is likely you have software related issue. We would recommend you run through the basic troubleshooting section for your operating system.

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john_henry7Author Commented:
Thanks ZVitam,
   I just ran an online HD scan from Seagate, my HD's manufacturer.
It returned a S.M.A.R.T. alert. But then offered no information on if it's repairable, or which sectors might be bad.

What actions can I take to resolve this SMART error? Would reformatting and removing the partition help?

Thanks again
john_henry7Author Commented:
I just ran a different sector-by-sector scan from Seagate and, BAM! Instant Restart!

I'm hoping this SMART error is fixable, although my data is backed up.
If you have SMART your HDD will die in afew days, backup you data and replace it.
john_henry7Author Commented:
Gotcha, Thanks
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