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We have a Windows 2003 SBS runnning Exhange. For some reason our external email is not being sent out. It sits in the queue as 'Message Queued for Remote Delivery' and does nothing else.

After about 12 hours we get an email from the server telling us that it has not been delivered.

It was working yesterday, but not today and after a server reboot we stilll have the problems.

Any ideas?
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some questions.

How is mail routed to the Internet from your organisation?

Carry out the following test using Telnet, and try and send a mail to an external address.

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BoltonWandererAuthor Commented:
We have a server connected via Broadband to the net. We can get mail ok but not send for somereason.

I have tried the details in the Microsoft document and it fails at the MAIL FROM command with:

Error 421 Dropping Connection Due To Error On This Server

Any help?
Have you configured an SMTP connector out to the internet?
BoltonWandererAuthor Commented:
Yes, I eventually reinstalled Exchange and did the Wizard on it.

coonsider this closed.
Ahhh the good old re-install always works lol

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