possible to do webcam intrusion detection with vb.net?

hi all,

i just want to know is it possible to develop intrusion detection system with vb.net? the idea is like using web cam to capture a room. if any movement detected, the alarm will on, send signal to people.

teoritically saying, is it possible and how can i use vb.net to implement it? how difficult would it be by making it work?

thank you.

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see the following link for capturing Video from WebCam.
Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
You have already a lot of applications that do this thing. Are you sure that you want to develop your onw or maybe interface with an existing one?

Just check those links:




They're just examples, corporations like AverMedia have also major softwares for this issue.

If you just want to develop your own ask again and we can talk about the problem.

See you!

J2JAuthor Commented:
yes, i want to build my own system, to show the ability of vb.net. surely, i would like it to have detected by the windows system with build-in movement detection. (current one mostly need money, so i plan to develop my own)

also, once every motion detection is activated, then the system will try to send signal to handphone (can use handphone emulator if not real one :P)

please kindly provide my adequate resources in order to build my own system. infact, i can give away thousand of points just to make it work.

TQ. ^_^
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This link will give how to extract frames from a webcam.

The rest part is simple. Checking the images for certain level of equality
For motion detection using WebCam see this example
J2JAuthor Commented:
thanks amoghan.

wow....the code the provided is quite amazing. i need to try them out to make sure they work.

also, if i want to remote login (thru web / remote dialup) to view the specific room, does the above three link support as well?

and, someone told me the .net has emulator on PDA, is it easy to configure to make the signal of intrusion detection goes to the PDA?

thanks again i say.

For remotly viewing. There are many ways
1. Use PC Anywhere or anysuch think to connect to the computer and see how the application is doing..
2. Create a web service to publish the results to a web site and there could be a listener to alert on some machine about the intrution

This link may also be interesting
J2JAuthor Commented:
yes, tq for the source. i would like to give u the points.

if you have:
1. any other source for the webcam function, useful coding, eg how to convert c# coding to vb.net coding or vice versa...
2. new idea to implement the system
3. motion detection algorithm

please kindly let me know.

my email is j2jproject@gawab.com

thanks a lot. ^_^

J2JAuthor Commented:
yes, of course, extra points will be given as well.

i wonder if any one can help me to find sample vb code for motion detection from web cam and save image if any motion occurs?
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