LGPL barcode c++ api?

can anyone recommand any LGPL/free  barcode reader api around for c++ ? I did tried google but didnt found anytime related. thank you for answering.  
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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
If you refere to barcode reader and it is connected to your PC PS/2 keyboard port, then you need nothing because those kind of barcode readers **emulate** key presses, so you can handle it as a keyboard.
If your barcode reades has a serial port, then you need just a serial comm library, there is no special protocol, barcode will send numbers and letter and a return character at the end, each time a bar code is read.
What do you mean by barcode reader? Do you have a barcode scanner connected to PC via serial or keyboard port, or are you using some mobile terminal with barcode scanner? You may also look for barcode image processing software, please, clarify your question.

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