Simulate record selection

I need to simulate selecting a record on a form on some event (prob after update) to update another forms OnCurrent event . Does this make sense ? it's not very easy to explain.
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No, it doesn't :)

Just the title, "simulate record selection" makes one think of the "Edit / Select Record" menu command, which you can "simulate" (execute through code) with "RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord"

The "explanation" however seems to relate to form navigation. Do you want to move to a certain record in a second form when editing is done in the first?

Please expand, I'm sure we will be able to help.


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livvieAuthor Commented:
harfang you might actually have helped already I think the RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord might be what I am looking for.
I have one form that shows a list of records and a second form that shows the details of these records depending on which one is selected on the first form. I had a problem with the child master relationship that was giving an "you cannot assign a value to this object error " so now the second forms datasource is updated when a selection is made on the first form.
What I am doing now is copying a record and then I want it to be displayed and editable. Copying is fine but unless I go an click on the new record it is the details of the old record that is displayed (as this is the record selected in the first form) so I want to automatically select the new record after it is created.
livvieAuthor Commented:
harfang DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord  works but I now need a way to ensure it runs after every copy.
I put it in the OnDirt event and that works for the first time you copy a rec but if you do a second one it never enters the OnDirty event  Any ideas ?
Im not sure about OnDirty. Normally, a record is "dirty" after it has been changed and until it has been either saved or canceled. I do not think that paste-append ever triggers the OnDirty event.
Try AfterInsert, perhaps.

Another idea, can't you select the record just *before* copying it rather that *after* all editing events?

Good Luck.
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