Convert Excel to High Quality PSD or JPG

I need to submit some graphs for print publication in high resolution PSD, TIFF or JPG form.  The graphs are currenly in an Excel spreadsheet.

I have tried copy/pasting the graphs into Photoshop to convert them, but the graphs come out looking pixelated and low resolution.

Is there a way of converting a chart object into a vector file format so I can scale it? I have Office, and Photoshop but not much else

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Hrmmm...Have you tried just doing a Print Screen with your display set as high as possible? You're pretty limited with those two apps...Macromedia Flash might do it for you if you import the images into a new item, and tinker with the Modify/ Trace Bitmap function.
Here's a link to a 30 trial:
Try converting to a PDF file. There are a number of free conversion utilities available on the web. One option to obtain a quality image is to install a postscript printer driver and set the Print to Disk option to obtain a disk image. Then send this file to for conversion to a PDF. The resulting PDF can be sent to your external printing company.

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molarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies...

I actually need the file in JPG or PSD format, but happily Photoshop can read in a PDF file which I can then crop and save, so the PDF suggestion works really well.

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