Column limit in Listbox

Posted on 2004-10-28
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I am using a program called Arcview which is built on VBA.  Below is the code I am using to put data into a list box.  Whenever I get above column 9 it does not work.  I have columncount set to 12.  Can you only have up to 10 column's?  I even set the last two columns to the same as another column that I know is working "1999".

I was also wondering how do you set the headers?

Public Sub PopulateListboxWithMallsgis9Query(aPath As String, theTable As String, strSQL As String, theComboBoxName As Object, strOptionalPrefix As String)
'ex QueryAccessDBTableFieldInfoIntoComboBox "R:\Monthly Sales Application\Monthly Sales.mdb", "ArcMap_Monthly_Open", "StoreName", "DivisionName = " & strDivision & "", cmbChooseStore
'Using an Sql query grab a table or Query from Access and fill in a combo Box
On Error GoTo ErrorMessage
Dim pQueryDef As IQueryDef
Dim pRow As IRow
Dim pCursor As ICursor
Dim pFeatureWorkSpace As IFeatureWorkspace
Dim pDataset As IDataset
Dim pTable As ITable
Dim pFWorkSpaceFactory As IWorkspaceFactory
Dim pFWorkspace As IFeatureWorkspace
Dim sFieldName As String '*
Set pFWorkSpaceFactory = New AccessWorkspaceFactory

' Open database and table

Set pFWorkspace = pFWorkSpaceFactory.OpenFromFile(aPath, 0)
Set pTable = pFWorkspace.OpenTable(theTable)
Set pDataset = pTable
Set pFWorkspace = pDataset.Workspace
Dim pQueryFilter As IQueryFilter
' Set up first Querydef

Set pQueryDef = pFWorkspace.CreateQueryDef
FieldName1 = "Store Name"
FieldName2 = "Division Name"
FieldName3 = "2004"
FieldName4 = "2003"
FieldName5 = "2002"
FieldName6 = "2001"
FieldName7 = "2000"
FieldName8 = "1999"
FieldName9 = "1998"
FieldName10 = "1999"
FieldName11 = "1999"
FieldName12 = "1999"

With pQueryDef
    .Tables = pDataset.Name
    .WhereClause = strSQL
    Set pCursor = .Evaluate
End With

Set pRow = pCursor.NextRow
Do Until pRow Is Nothing
x = x + 1


    theComboBoxName.AddItem pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName1))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 1) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName2))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 2) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName3))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 3) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName4))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 4) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName5))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 5) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName6))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 6) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName7))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 7) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName8))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 8) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName9))
    theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 9) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName10))
    'theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 10) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName11))
    'theComboBoxName.List(theComboBoxName.ListCount - 1, 11) = pRow.Value(pTable.FindField(FieldName12))
Set pRow = pCursor.NextRow

Exit Sub
Dim strError As Integer
strError = Err.Number
 If strError = "6" Then
    MsgBox "You have null values and you cannot have those in the database " & aPath & " table " & theTable
 End If

MsgBox Err.Number & " : " & vbCrLf & Err.Description

End Sub
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    Accepted Solution

    There is a 10 column limit


    The first Property we will change is the ColumnCount, by default this will be 1. Change this to -1. Setting ColumnCount to 0 displays zero columns, and setting it to -1 displays all the available columns. For an unbound data source, there is a 10-column limit (0 to 9).

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