Windows Messaging and Groupwise 6.5 on a Citrix Metaframe XP server

I would like to use Groupwise to interface with a MLS application on a Windows 2K server running Citrix Metaframe XP.  The problem is Outlook was install by mistake and has now become the default mail client.  I have uninstalled the Outlook piece.  I was told that there is a trimmed down verision of Windows Messaging available that works with Groupwise.  But so far I haven't had any success.  I have used WMS.exe, NTWMS.exe and WINNTWMS.exe all different versions of Windows Messaging.  It seems that a version of Outlook Express (loaded via a service pack) is still the default.  I would like Groupwise to load from the MLS app.  This would allow the users to access the GroupWise Address Book and E-Mail.  Any Thoughts.
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The GroupWise Install program should detect if a compatible version of the Windoze Messaging Service (WMS) is installed, and offer to install one if it does not detect a compatible WMS.

Have you tried deleting the WMS (using Add/Remove programs) and then re-running the GroupWise v6.5 install?
Try changing the Default Mail client on the system yourself. There are many ways to do that.

If you are the adventurous type who'd rather edit the registry directly, do as this page ( says.

If you are from old-school, you might want to read this ( first.

If you want me to do a lot of work, come back with your doubts :)
donnagtiAuthor Commented:

First response is looking good, except that its only working for me, (a user with administrative rights), the other person working on this project with the same rights as me can't replicate the GroupWise e-mail to fire up.  So I'm repeating the whole process logged in as administrator.

Second response I haven't looked at yet, but you have to admitt there is a character behind that keyboard.  I want to look at the registry hack before accepting and awarding the points.

PsiCop if I thought of posting a message in the first place it could have saved a lot of time.  I think you hit the mark.  Its just the user issue to clear up.

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donnagtiAuthor Commented:
I haven't had complete success but the best solution is the Windows Messaging.  The registry hacks didn't work.  Part of the problem is there are 3-versions of Windows Messaging.  wms.exe, ntwms.exe and winntwms.exe.  ntwms.exe is for NT5 and if you remove both windows messaging and groupwise (add remove programs). Then install just groupwise via (add remove programs) it will tell you that it needs windows messaging and install it from within its own direcotry structure.  It installs the NTWMS.exe.  So it appears the install is functioning.  What I'm trying to do is fire up Groupwise 6.5 from within a MLS application that looks like it uses an Outlook interface for its internal e-mail.  I may be trying to swim up stream against the Microsoft current.  I get part of the process to happen (GroupWise Password) and then it stalls.  If you have anymore ideas it would be appreciated.
Sounds like GroupWise is not being registered as a MAPI Provider. Dollars to doughnuts that the MLS application is using the MAPI interface to reach a mail system. You should check its docs to confirm this. If its using VIM or something specfic to LookOut!, then yes, you may be trying to swim upstream.

We have some users who use PC Guardian to encrypt outgoing E-Mail and we are able to successfully launch a message-composition window and send an E-Mail from within that application. So it CAN be done. Just be sure everything is using MAPI.

Finally, make sure that all components (WMS, GroupWise, the MLS program) are accessible to ALL users under Windoze.

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One other thing - make sure every instance of the Terminal Services session has its own TEMP file. Wierd things happen when multiple sessions on the Terminal Server share a TEMP file.
donnagtiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Input.  I'm thinking there's merit to this idea.
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