Hoe to run JSP on IIS

Hi expert !!

This is Hitesh

I want to know how to run JSP with IIS
If we can do that, which filter is used and where can i get it.
and wht is the procedure to install and configure it...

please help me....

I cant work with tomcat, it gives me some or the other error.

I am fed up with it.....

Please help me as soon as possible

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My personal opinion is to resolve ur problems with tomcat better than looking for replacments on IIS because this replacment will not be better

If u insist to change tomcat here is a list of Excellent alternatives:


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Hello hiteshgpatel,

I would download Apache, Tomcat and the Jakarta connectors to run JSP on your webserver. Apache is so much better and faster than IIS and defenitely more stable as well, and all you need to get the server running with JSP is FREE...

Take a look at http://apache.org

Hope that works for you...


Shows you how to get IIS to use Tomcat for JSP processing :-)
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I agree with the link you provided and actually I guess that's the only way to do it. However, what do you think about what I posted above:

Isn't Apache & Tomcat a better, more stable combination to work with JSP and Apache better as a standalone web server?

Yes, but if it is a company website running IIS, then you have no option

Most devellopers don't get a choice about what webserver the client or even their own company runs ;-)

I always use just Tomcat on its own, and miss out the whole apache thing ;-)

To run JSP on IIS, you still need your Tomcat installed correctly. If your tomcat does not able to run your JSP, meaning although you have IIS ISAPI redirector helps, you would not able to run JSP page too. Dont waste time to run another Web Server for your JSP, i believe Tomcat always the best for it. Check out the proper installation guide here:


Hope it is useful you! Good Luck!
>  To run JSP on IIS, you still need your Tomcat installed correctly

I said this...  actually, everyone has said this...

And that link only helps you install Tomcat...

>I said this...  actually, everyone has said this...
>And that link only helps you install Tomcat...

Yes. Wanted to provide a simple installation help to Hitesh. He wanted to run JSP on IIS because he not able to run JSP on Tomcat correctly. (Correct me if i am wrong)

I am currently configuring IIS and Tomcat to work together too. But that is because i need to run ASP and JSP/Servlet at the same Web Application. If only JSP/Servlet is in the web application. No reason why configure IIS to cater that. Again, Tomcat still need to be there in order to receive request passing by IIS thru JK connector.
> He wanted to run JSP on IIS because he not able to run JSP on Tomcat correctly. (Correct me if i am wrong)

You might be right (upon re-reading his question)

I apologise for being snappy :-(

Sorry about that... :-(

> I apologise for being snappy :-(
> Sorry about that... :-(

No hard feeling :) It is good, Hitesh has more than one option if he decided to go for IIS+Tomcat. That is the good knowledge to experience!

I would appreciate if you could solve my problem at

Thanks and good luck to Hitesh!
hiteshgpatelAuthor Commented:
Hi this is Hitesh Patel
sorry! friends i was not able to reply for your wonderful help.

But now ia am happy with Tomcat. It is working fine.
The problem was that i was not able to create the context in the server.xml file.
but now with the grace of god every thing is working fine and i have completed my work properly.

Thankx once again for your help and suggestion...
keep helping ppls.....

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