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I have a SQL database on a server machine.  I have some clients using MSDE that need a local copy of a big table.  Every day there are small changes to the big table.  What is the fastest way using c# to get the user's local copy in sync with the server copy?  

The table is about 200MB.  So I need to optimize the internet traffic as well.

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you could add a LastUpdated column to the table with a trigger that updates the field every time it's updated, and in your msde copy create a lookup table (TableUpdates for instance) that includes the table name and last successfull update time. only get the records that were updated after the last update in the TableUpdates table.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
See BOL for Replication
Just make a replication between the servers. The problem is that you have to configure every local MSDE separaterly...
Can the replication be setup through a installation setup? like a .msi?
I don't think so....
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