What is QPDL?

Hi ,
Does anybody know the abbreviation for QPDL in the context of printer emulation.
it is similar to PCL,GDi, PS etc...
Can anyone give any pointers to it on web...
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There aren't many results from Google but did you try? http://www.google.ca/search?q=QPDL+printer&hl=en, which leads to some probably related hits at http://hardware.mcse.ms/message80855.html (with the line "@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE = QPDL"), http://www.linuxprinting.org/pipermail/samsung-list/2004q1/000939.html, http://pdp-10.trailing-edge.com/mit_emacs_170_teco_1220/01/emacs/tdebug.emacs.html ("This was the QPDL point when we entered!"). QDPL is also mentioned in a Dell support forum WRT a Samsung printer. My guess is it's a propritary printer command language. Try contacting manufacturers if you need the specification (in the second link, it mentions that a printer with QPDL in the header could be either Samsung or Xerox). Are you interested because you're going to develop something, or does your printer just not work?

There were two hits on QPDL at http://www.samsung.com/, but none at http://www.xerox.com/, but those are public, not developer, sites. They appear to be printer drivers. http://support.samsung.de/fileview.aspx?modelcode=SCX-4216F&fileid=184418&fileType=DR . Samsung ML-1430 was mentioned as a model that uses it.

BTW, the poster in http://hardware.mcse.ms/message80855.html asks the same question: "Is there any documentation of this 'QPDL' anywhere? Couldnt find anything on the web."

I hate printers.

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