Unable to match a name in the address list

After creating one specific user I am unable to set up a profile in Outlook. It tells me "unable to match to a name in the address list.

I have no problem creating any other users and then setting them up. I can send an email externally and initialize the mail box. The appears in the mail box store, but I still get the message when setting up the outlook client.

I am having no problem creating and connecting any other users. I have deleted exchange attributes and started fresh, still no luck.

As a side note this user only logs on through terminal services, but I am testing the account with a local machine.

I am current with hotfixes and service packs. The box " do not show in address lists" is not checked.

We are bringing the Exchange server online this weekend, so.........HELP!
FFNM ITIT Services ManagerAsked:
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FFNM ITIT Services ManagerAuthor Commented:
Additional Info, I just set up another user that logs on the same way, (only through Terminal services) and had no problem configuring her with outlook 2000. Hmmmmmmmm
Have you checked the name is spelled correctly, were these created manually or by script.  Did this person have a hyphen, long name, etc....sometimes this will be an issue when scripting user creation.  Have you tried deleting their mailbox and re-creating it?

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FFNM ITIT Services ManagerAuthor Commented:
Name is spelled Correctly. User was created manually. No hyphen, and user alias and mailbox are 3 characters long. Deleted and recreated mail box, same result.
FFNM ITIT Services ManagerAuthor Commented:
Found errors in event viewer for everytime I tried to log him in. Did a repair on the user and he showed up in the GAL and I was able to connect to mail box. Thanks for your efforts dis1931.
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