Stop Veritas.


I'm running Veritas for Windows SBS 2003 on a Windows 2003 SBS.   I'm trying via adminsitrative toold to stop the backexc services and it's not stoping.  How i'm able to stop it.

Thank you.
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After I placed new tapes, I would always inventory them.   Inventory is a must if you place new tapes, or move tapes or whatever.  This makes sure that the software knows the most current set of tapes in the drive.  Cleaning is only necessary every so often definitely not every monday.  It depends on media and drive, read the documentation and it should tell you how often to use the cleaning tape.

What error are you getting?

You may just need to reboot the server.
elieazziAuthor Commented:
I've reboot the server and it's working now.  I'm new to Veritas.

I have a backup machine of 5 tape + 1 cleaner.

Every monday i'm putting the 5 tapes.

Sometimes, it say EMPTY on the device 1 or <unknowm> or label of the device Wednesday which i've created longtime.

Usually if I want do a backup, what I should first.
Clean the Tapes, then Inventory... or what exactly.

Please advice and thank you for your time and coments.

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