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Question about delgating rights to an OU in Active Directory.  I delegated rights to XYZ user to create/delete computer object to this object and all child objects in an OU.  XYZ user can create and delete computer objects that it creates.  The problem that I am having is that if another user creates a computer object in the same OU, XYZ can't delete or reset the computer account.  

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JamesDSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is because you didn't enforce inheritance.

In AD Users and computer tool, click view and advanced features
Rightclick on the OU you have delegated access to and select properties
In the security tab, press advanced and select the check box at the bottom of the dialog that refers to "Allow inheritable permissions..."

This will ensure that each NEW object that is created will inherit the rights from the OU container itself - so provided you have configred the rights correctly user XYZ will automatically get the rights over the new objects.


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