Powerbuilder 7.03 DropDown Datawindow slowness

I have a DropDown DataWindow which allows editing.  There are several thousand results in the result list and that populates fairly quickly, but when you manually type in the field it is painfully slow and there is a noticeable pause between keystrokes as the DropDown scrolls to keep up.
I am new to Powerbuilder any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I wouldn't use a dropdown.  Several thousand is useless for a user to actually scroll through.  How about opening up a lookup window with some search capabilites?
booksplusAuthor Commented:
The users almost always know what to enter and just want to type it in quickly (and have the occasional convenience of a drop down to help in the search).   Unfortunately, its not practical for me to spend too much time on this.  The users would be willing to pay the performance price somewhere else just as long as it doesn't slow down their typing.  Thanks.
So, how about just having it as plain text entry with a possible lookup window.  Then validate their entry upon saving?

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can u post the code u have written in the editchanged event for that datawindow...
maybe the code can be optimised and speed ur work...

booksplusAuthor Commented:
There is no "editchanged" event on the DataWindow.  There is an "itemchanged" event that fires after the user tabs out.

I had hoped that turning off  the "Edit.AutoVScroll" property on the drop down would fix the problem, but it seems to completely disable the drop down capability.  I'm not sure if this is a PowerBuilder bug or my inexperience.
booksplusAuthor Commented:
Also -

I can see all the results (very quickly) in the dropdown by scrolling - BUT it takes long for Powerbuilder to scroll to the result when the user manually enters their chioce.

INCREASING points by 50.  
booksplusAuthor Commented:
This is urgent - increasing points to 500.
Can u post code in all the datawindow evetnts.

Specially fo these events

1. ItemChnged
2. ItemFocusChanged
3. Initial Population of dw
4. structure of dddw
5. EditChahnged event

Does the dddw retrieve sort the result set - I'm wondering if every time you enter a character PB has to search the entire list (something that would be easier / unnecessary if it was sorted)?

Also, I know this sounds stupid, but do you have the horizontal scroll bar enabled?  I've run into problems exactly like you described with hscroll enabled, but it was usually with listboxes.  Give it a try, just to see.

I would also echo others' sentiment that a dddw with 1,000+ items isn't the best idea from a GUI design standpoint.  I can see why you're doing it, but maybe there's another way?

Good luck
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