Slackware Booting from HD problem

I have just installed Linux Slackware 10.0, and cannot get it to boot from the HD.  I can get it to boot from the HD if I use the CD to boot it, and then type at the prompt:
bare.i root=/dev/hda1 noinitrd ro

How can I get it to boot from the HD?

More info:
I have created 2 partiions only. (swap and /)
I did not install a boot loader such as LILO. (Though I did this during my first attempt and the results were the same... no boot by HD)

Please Help!
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When you installed you did tell LILO or GRUB to install into the MBR, right?  It can also install into the partition but that's not what  you want to do in this case.
You haven't mentioned anything about your hardware, so I can't be sure about this in your case.    You also didn't mention any error messages or text that you receive so what I'm going to offer is traditional wisdom.  I occasionally have had the same problem as you and have completely eliminated it by following this rule:
Always create a partition at the beginning of your drive to contain the /boot directory.  It should be a primary partition of around 100Mb.  Then you can create the partitions for the root directory (/), swap and any other partitions that you want.

If you're game for another installation attempt, do it this way:

Size         type          mount point
100Mb   primary    /boot  
2*RAM  primary   swap    
remainder  of drive extended
              entire extended    logical    /   (will be hda5)
sbreenAuthor Commented:
I do not get any error messages, just a blinking cursor after the MB goes through its boot devices (cd,fd,hd).  I am using a Dell Dimension 4100 with P3 1GHz, 512MB SDRAM, Generic Video Card, 2 Intel Pro 100 ethernet cards, and a new Maxtor 40GB HD (don't think this is the problem, but hafve not ruled it out yet.)  I would assume that all hardeare is fine because I have installed Linux Slackware 10.0 on this system before and had no problems.  I will try your advice as to create the /boot partiton as the first partition.
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sbreenAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did have it install into the MBR.
Okay -- please post the results of your experiment then.
sbreenAuthor Commented:
I have finally got it to boot, it appears that the MBR was corrupt.  I was able to fix that, but am now getting an error upon booting that the superblock is corrupt and am working ona resolution to this.   It appears that my /etc/fstab file is corrupt.
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