Greetings all,

I am a newbie on EE so go easy on me.

I have a user here who has a Windows 2K ( SP4 ) and Office 2K (SP3) setup. Yesterday, I installed many windows updates, including upgrading her from IE5 to IE 6 ( company standard :(   .   As of today, whenever she tries to save existing, modified XL spreadsheet the whole PC goes to BSOD and reports the following:



That's it! No hint on what it might relate to. No hardware or new software ( other then the SP's ) have been installed lately. Microsoft's KB on the exception code is just about as informative. I found two similiar issues here on ee but they weren't much help.  

I normally can find just about any solution here on ee or by google, but now I am at a loss.

Thanks for your help,

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Check out;en-us;833314 ("You randomly receive a "stop 0x00000006" error message"), maybe this article can be of some help.
CalebsnowAuthor Commented:
Sorry, there is one thing I forgot to mention.

After this started today, I noticed in the system log that Plug and Play Manager kept failing. Event ID: 256 which led me to Article ID      :842644 which then led me to a phone call with MS and a emailed link to a hotfix. The hotfix included:

   10-Feb-2004  19:47  5.0.2195.6897      30,160  Mountmgr.sys
   21-May-2004  22:14  5.0.2195.6932   1,701,248  Ntkrnlmp.exe
   21-May-2004  22:14  5.0.2195.6932   1,700,992  Ntkrnlpa.exe
   21-May-2004  22:14  5.0.2195.6932   1,722,560  Ntkrpamp.exe
   21-May-2004  22:14  5.0.2195.6932   1,678,080  Ntoskrnl.exe

JKR, I am not so sure that that hotfix will work, the files are actually older then the ones I just loaded. Thanks anyways.

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