How to create an All Values for a Date Field in Drop-Down using DB results

I know how to create an all Values selection in my dropdown for a text field. I was wondering how I would do this for a drop down that is a date field. I have Frontpage 2003.

Thanks for your help/direction in advance...
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hhammashConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Put this code in the SQL box of Frontpage to do the trick:

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE (OrderDate  between #01/01/1800# and  #01/01/2050#)

Step 1- Select the Database
Step 2- Select the Record source then click the edit button and add the above code "similar to if of course to suite your needs"
Continue the DRW normally as  you know.

Here I am selecting all orders between year 1800 and year 2050. The idea to includes all dates between two dates that are far before the first date and far after the last date to be on the safe side and include all dates in the drop down.

What I do is but "All" option then the value between 01/01/1700 and 01/01/2050.  All years between 1700 and 2050 will be listed.

Unless date field is a text field  you can put %

cam2003Author Commented:
Ok.. ty... I will give that a try
It will work
cam2003Author Commented:
My apologies.. I couldn't get back to you.. Some stuff happened here.. and I couldn't try it ... Thank you for the help
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