Not a member of a trusted SQL connection

Have read that unless the UserID and Password is specified in the DSN open command then NT4 will use Windows authentication. I have found this to be true, semmingly intermittently, and need to force SQL authentication (even though it IS set to do so within the DSN!). Therefore trying to add these properties to CrystalReports (using the RDC) with the LogOnServer command:

crxReport.Database.LogOnServer("SQLOLEDB", etc..)...however, errors saying: "the database DLL crdb_oledb.dll cannot be loaded".

Interestingly I've noticed that prior to this error the tables(1).connectionproperties.item("User ID") field is not available (subscript out of range) but "Password" and others are. Closing the form and trying again often resolves the problem for a while. Could this be a memory leak of some kind ?
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CliffordEvansAuthor Commented:
I resolved this by connecting using ADO OLEDB instead of ODBC RDO.
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