can't open mdb file on network drive

I have one PC on a network with 10 others - this one machine cannot read any mdb files on our shared projects drive.
It's a Windows sbs 2003 server with XP Pro PC's Access is version 2002

If I copy the mdb file locally it works fine. I can load any mdb file from any other network drive except from my projects drive and this problem occurs on 1 machine in teh 10 on the network.I can load word or XL files ok on the projects drive.

When I use explorer to launch the file it comes up with a File Downlaod open/save option with a warning about opening unknown files. I continue to open, launch Access and it will not open the file as it tells me teh file is outside my intranet or on an untrusted site.

I have tried all options, it's not an ldb issue, may not be down to access but this may be a network issue but I though I'd try it here first.
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PellanorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh, I know this one. You have to go to internet option (through internet explorer) and add your network drive to you list of trusted sites.

just had this problem the other day. only reason my head din't explode trying to fix it was that one of the other guys I work with had just mentioned this problem to mee about a week ago.
SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make user that every user has full readwrite permission to the folder

also have a look here
you're right Pellanor...that link up ^ there is the MS KB article on the problem ;)
richwjAuthor Commented:
thanks guys - appreciate yr help - thought split points was
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