Drive/Directory Listview whith checkboxes components

Hi there, i need a delphi compoenent which allow to display/browse drives and directories. Plus i want them to be selectable by checkboxes.

So if i check the main drive (c:\) all its subdirectories will be checked, the same goes for each directory.

At the begining it should only show up drives :
+[] c:\
+[] d:\
+[] e:\

and if you click on c:\ it should check it and expand, displaying all its subdirs :
+[x] c:\
  +[] My docs
  +[] Windows
  +[] ... and so on  
+[] d:\
+[] e:\

I've been searching this one for a while and all i've found was some stuff for visual c++ which seem to ve very popular component, but i've never seen such a stuff for delphi.

Any help appreciated. Thx for all.
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you can set up what you want and customise it so, with the VirtualTreeView from

some propjects completed using this component

you can also use the XP-theme manager from the same site in order to customise the layout & look, thankfuly there is a good support forum on the site

David: VirtualShellTools are based on VTV :)
lol opps I didnt know that
please ignore my comments
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