Logon Scripts

I know nothing about creating logon scripts. I need help creating one to work within terminal services.
what i need the logon script to do is map a com port so i can use a scanner at a dummy terminal using terminal services. any one have an idea on where to start.....?
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MazaraatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the RDP client software, if you click on [Options] button, then go to the Local Resources Tab, there is a checkbox for "Serial Ports" to allow your remote session use of your local com ports.  All you would have to do then (if possible) is tell the application to use that com port.  Some applications might not like it.....and might require that the COM1 be redirected to it, there are several applications that can redirect the COM1 to the virtual COM from the local computer.....


Post back with which way you want to go....it is possible to also do this through scripting...

I had written a script to detect if it was a terminal user and run some things...I will search my me scripts and post it in a little bit...

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