Excel OLE in VB - Vertical Scroll Bars and Multiple Worksheets

In the project I am currently working on, in VB 6, I am trying to add an Excel OLE object.  I can get the worksheet to come up but I don't see any scroll bars.  How do I get the scroll bars (vertical) to appearand work to allow the user to scroll through the worksheet?  Also, the users want a multiple page worksheet to appear. They want each page to be editable and then to print each and every worksheet.  I currently print a report using word9.  I want to get all of the Excel worksheets to print into this word9 document.  I am a novice programmer so all help, patience, and direction is greatly appreciated.
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You have a lot of reading to do there.  The key part (which is doubtless mentioned in many of the above links) is ...

         OLE1.DoVerb vbOLEUIActivate
         OLE1.SizeMode = 1

Assuming your OLE object is called OLE1 then those two lines of code will activate the spreadsheet object and force it to resize nicely to the area of the form you have allocated it.

Activation gets you scrollbars and the worksheet tabs.

Activation also creates a menu (basically Excel's menu) so the users would have access to the standrad File Print method.

Definitely worth reading through the links provided as there will be other things you'll need to know about OLE objects as you progress.
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