For Mail groups. How can I control that only the users on a mail group can send emails to that group?

I am running Lotus Notes/Dominio 5.0.12.  I have mail group created.  How can I control that only the users on that mail group can send emails to that group?
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There is no straight forward method to do it... this tweak can help you

From the group view select the group doc and display document properties.. goto security tab (key icon) and uncheck all readers and above.. and select the names of the user plus server and admin id so that they can be the persons who can send mail to this group..

Side effect: If someone knows the name of this group they can type and still send the mail to the group

Also those who have a high level of access to the Domino Directory will still be able to see it (I think Editor with group Editor role and above), but for general users it will work fine.

The side effect has been fixed in 6.x, so when you do upgrade those users that type the group name directly will get a message back saying they are not permitted to mail to that address.

GL :)
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