trying to have a lotus notes client connect out of the office, through someone elses firewall

we use lotus notes for our audit team. i didn't have this issues untill we went to a school district, we had a lan line for internet access. but when they tried to connect to our domino server, they recieved server not responding.  our domino server has a public IP address.  
1. how does the lotus notes client access the domino server, throught port 80 going out or through port 1352,
2. if the school district has all thier ports closed except port 80, is their any way to access the domino server, without having them open up thier firewall?

any ideas would be great.

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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Port 80 is for http or https connections..

Notes uses 1352 for NRPC protocol.. if that is blocked then you are not going to get across.

One particular piece that you can access over port 80 is web admin client.. by which can control your server.. apart from that you cannot do anything in notes client.

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