Exchange 5.5 reinstall

We are running NT Server 4 BackOffice 4.5 with Exchange 5.5 SP4

About a week ago during an IE upgrade reboot the OS failed to reinitialize all the services. An error which proved unrecoverable. I have added a second HD to the system, set it as the active partition, and reinstalled the OS on it.

I checked all the MS support documents for restoring the exchange data stores, but they assume you have an online backup and I do not. What I DO have is the files as they were the last time the server was stopped.

I tried simply reinstalling Exchange with the same SP's and Hotfix's and then simply replacing the data stores with the ones from the previous installation, but that has proved unsuccessful.

It is frustrating because I have an uncorrupted copy of all the previous stores, but can not get the new installation to read them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jeff
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Read through the following article to gain a better understanding on how to restore Exchange 5.5 from an offline/copy backup ...

Generally you would do the following -

Install exchange using the same organisation and site names.
   - make sure you configure your security groups
Install the service pack 4 and reboot the server
Run performance optimizer -
   - change the location fo the Private and Public Information Stores
Overwrite from your backup copy of Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb to your /exchsrvr directory
Delete log files and checkpoint files
Run eseutil /p /ds from the command line (\exchsrvr\bin directory)
Run eseutil /p /ispriv from the command line (\exchsrvr\bin directory)
The preceeding commands recreate the checkpoint files used by the logs.
Run isinteg -patch

You may need to run DS/IS consistency adjuster post DR -

Once the server is up and running, I'd do a full directory export and exmerge all of the mailboxes to a safe location if you don't have too many.

I've used the process above quite a few times and most recently to recover public folder data (5k+ folders), so I know it works.

Sometimes the recovery process to get the database back in a consistent state is a pain ... you can run eseutil /mh <pub or priv path> to find out the state of the database ...
I think you can look at this Article
How to Move Exchange Server to a New Computer That Has the Same Name
First you might try completely removing your Exchange 5.5
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claybaptAuthor Commented:

The article you mentioned: "How to Move Exchange Server to a New Computer That Has the Same Name" says it does not apply to a computer that is a domain controller. We have only one server running on our system. It is running Exchange, IIS, etc ... as well as being the domain master with user accounts and file shares.

How does this affect me?

I listed the necessary steps to recover your exchange 5.5 server from the offline copy. I used that process many times when I was a consultant and can think of only one time I couldn't get the data fully restored.
You can completely remove Exchange 5.5 and
Reinstall on same Server, as if it is a new hardware ... Follow the steps on "restoring Offline Backup"
claybaptAuthor Commented:
When I try to run: "isinteg -patch" I get an insufficient access rights error. I never changed the service account before, and I have not done so on the reinstallation either.

Any ideas?
claybaptAuthor Commented:
Okay, I got isinteg to run successfully, but I am still getting error1276 when starting the Information Stores.
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