web app - Sorting dropdownlists/datasets


     I have:

1 dropdownlist called cmbSearchBy with two options: Nomenclature and Item ID
2 dropdownlists called cmbSearch1 and cmbSearch2, where 1 is bound to Nomenclature and 2 is bound to ID in the dataset that comes from the products table

Nomenclature (cmbSearch1) is in alphabetical order - when cmbSearchBy is used to choose Item ID, and cmbSearch1 disappears and cmbSearch2 appears, I want the Item IDs to all be listed in numerical order, and back to alphabetical when switched back.  I don't know how to do this - do I need to use something like a dataview?  If so, code?  Currently they both list by the way the select statement ordered the dataset (by nomenclature)


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eozz_2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use 2 dataviews (one for each combo):

dim dv as new DataView(yourDataSet.Tables("TheNameOfYourTable"))

and then, set the sort property:

dv.Sort = "TheNameOfTheColumn"

and then set the dataSource property of your combos to the dataView and set the DislplayMember property (I can't remember wich is that property in the web, but if you see all of them you will recognize it)
gleznovAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  And thanks for the clarity of your answer :)

Is good to know that my answer could help you
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