Intermittent email RECEIVE issues

This question is posted here because my client uses Outlook and I could not find a better topic area.

The problem is, that intermittently, they are unable to connect to their providers POP3 server (

One day, or for a few hours a day, some people work just find.... click send/recieve... OK.

When it is not working, Outlook hangs at receiving 50% with server timout errors or unable to connect (server) errors.

1. Other people NEVER have the problem (or never report it).
2. Some people go for days = OK, then a day or hours = no workie
3. everyone is either running Office 2k + Win2k  or Office XP + Win XP  (and Sp's etc).
4. there is NEVER any promblem sending / SMTP
5. the email clients are setup to use the same logon for incoming/outgoing.

The hosting company claims it is nothing on there end.

If it were something in the building/setup, why would it work most of the time????????

Any ideas GREATLY appreciated!

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Have you checked with the ISP of any known issues in their account ?

Setup that account in Outlook express in the same machine to see if the behavior is same ..

Make sure Outlook is fully updated ?

What error message do you get when the connection fails .. You should have that error number in the send/receive dialog box ?

BrianBaleyAuthor Commented:
ISP says can't possibly be anyhting with them

Have not tried outlook express....  
I did try setting up an account with my host (godaddy) and am waiting to hear from the client as to whether same issue.

Outlook is fully updated, patches, Sp's

I have a screenshot here somewhere, i'll pull it up with the messages....
can you try in OE and post back
BrianBaleyAuthor Commented:
I will try OE and/or perhaps opera or ......
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