Asking permisson to gain access to Outlook when replying or creating emails.

When replying to emails a window asking permission to gain access pops up. This has never happened before. Although I have a complicated solution for it, i'm wondering if there is anything new or.... you know, not new :)   i should know about. Any ideas?
Also, i've updated a software that we use here, yesterday. It's a fundraising soft called Raisers Edge, and I think it has something to do with that, but i'm not sure. Will look into that, meanwhile, let me know if you think of something. Thanks
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That is because of security update of outlook

If this is what you get (check the link) , then your only option is to use clickyes program

Other option is to remove the security update which as you know is not advisable
yurokgalaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestion, I already new about clickyes... and actually this wasn't Outlook's problem. Tthe solution i was looking for was in that new update for Raisers Edge that intergates with Outlooks Contacts. I got it resolved the old fashion way, by modifying Outlook's security settings. Has to do with selecting trusted COM add-ins. You can search Microsoft's knowledge base for "Customizing the Outlook Security Features Administrative Package". It's pretty neat.
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