guys I need some help with Warcraft 3 frozen throne

Hey guys .....
I need some help
Warcraft 3 .......
How can I make my own music to play instead of the origenal .... sh*t music to play in war 3 ????
 I want my real cool mp3 to play instead of the game music ...... how can I do this ????
please note if It cant be done I will ask the moderators to delete thi question

The lord Ripper
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Wojciech DudaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nope, I post this anytime someone says "NO is not a solution". Just to make sure everybody follows the rules. I only want 3000 points per month and I get these easily.

Try this trigger explanation/FAQ:
usamn180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
well. mr ripper, i dont think this is possible.
coz blizzard doesnt supports this kind of stuff.
Wojciech DudaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry Lordripper zhis is not possible ingame. I would just turn the music volume ingame to 0 and play my MP3s with WinAmp in the Background...

BTW, you cannot have a question deleted if the answer is NO, THIS IS NOT WORKING. The rules state that NO is also an answer you have to accept (if it is proven, though).
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the World Editor to import MP3's or WAV's into Frozen Throne.  Then you can set the trigger editor so that the music plays at a set point in the game. Takes a bit of practice but you should be able to get your cool tunes playing when you want instead of the built in music.
Wojciech DudaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or, it seems, you can use the Warcraft III World Editor and import sound into the game. YOu'll have to convert MP3s to WAVs though. You can do this with WinAMP for example.
LordRipperAuthor Commented:
Sorry for replying only now ........ all of my internet lines was down for 3 days .....

anyway ..... to get back to the point of this question.....
I did play my own music in the map editor ...... well I set it to play ...... but it seems like my I maid a mess of my triggers ......... mmmm .... though I did use mp3's and not wav........

Do some of you know where I can get triggers manual on the web ?????

mcwojtekk It would seem your a bid desperiat for some points ....... hehhehehe...... rather ask If I can give some points to you rather forcing me to give ... ;-)
LordRipperAuthor Commented:
thanx guys
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