Salt water and wireless access points

We are preparing to set up a wireless network at our marina and were wondering if anyone had some suggestions on hardware that is resistant to saltwater, ie. access points, antennae etc.  Thanx!
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Mount all the WAPS high up on the wall so they wont get salt creep on them, for those areas that have to be close to saltwater/saltcreep, just use some epoxy or marine goop and rup it on all the metal parts that are near the saltwater, you can do this an the antennas as well without hindering the range too much...

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Also the AP's can be placed in a non-metallic (plastic) NEMA box. These won't interfere with the wireless at all.

I usually use Cisco 1200's for industrial because they are all metal, but in your case this is probably a bad thing.

agree with cmsJustin, Cover with something plastic and water tight but don't make it impossible to take off in case you need to access the hardware later to troubleshoot.
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