Compiling a new kernel problems RH Ent 3

I am working with RH enterprise 3 which distributes with 2.4.20/21 kernel.  As it comes, it won't work right with our networking card DLink 10/100/1000 card, SK98lin compatible.

Well, logical thing to do is to configure and compile a new kernel....  Doesn't seem to be working.  I can configure and compile the main kernel OK, but when it comes to compiling the modules, it ALWAYS bombs, and is bombing due to the header files that were included in the distribution.

I was wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with recompiling the kernel that comes with RHE3, and if they found a work around.

I've also just tried to compile the code for the module for sk98lin that came with the card, but it bombs out too (appears a header file has changed with regard to a specific timing structure, I tried modifying to fit the current struct, and got it to compile, but it couldn't find the card - not sure why, could be I used the wrong structure to link in, could be a problem with the driver itself)....

I really need this module in and working, and I'd really like to just recompile the kernel - I haven't had this much trouble rebuilding a kernel since an old version of slackware.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I can get specific errors for example if needed.
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   For the gigabit network, you don't need to re-compile the kernel most of time.
You just need to compile the driver which download from the vendor's website and load it as module.

   Besides, if you insist to re-compile the kernel, please show the steps you did and the "cut-and-paste" of the
error messages. So people can have more information to help you.

   My co-worker always says: "Vague problem descriptions do not produce rapid resolutions!"

Recompiling a RHEL kernel is a bad idea simply because you'll lose the RHN support for it -- so you won't be getting what you're paying for!   As Wesly mentioned, it's usually sufficient to recompile the module.  
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