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Unable to Print through Classic

I'm running OS X 10.3.5.  I have all appletalk network printers.  In OS X native I have no problems printing.  In any classic applications though I am unable to print to any of my printers.  Each application has a generic "unable to print" error message, the only consistent message I seem to get is a dialog box with only the number "4" in it.   I am thoroughly confused, I've tried different ppds, but am unable to print anything at all from any classic apps.  Please help.
1 Solution
Under classic mode are you able to access the old "Apple" menu?  If so try to re-setup the printers in the old chooser.
If you can't print from Laserwriter 8, download Adobe PS and reload your PPDs.  Can you at least print from the generic PPDs with limited functionality?
OS 9 can be a very difficult system. If I was faced with your issue I would do 1 of 3 things, which converts your printing reliance on OS X.

1. Buy an older full version of Adobe Acrobat and print a PDF file in OS 9, then print the PDF file from OS X.

2. Take a screen shot (command+shift+3) of whatever needs to be printed and print it from OS X (if resolution isn't important).


3. Attempt to rebuild or create it in OS X, then print it from OS X.
Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
Printing through classic is an interesting process. It's designed to work seamlessly with OS X in the sense that any printers you set up in X will automatically be available in 9 (it uses the built-in Laserwriter driver to do this). But if you've upgraded your system to X from an existing 9-based system then you may encounter problems. So I'll assume this is the case.

I'll also assume you use Desktop Printing (i.e. in Classic there's an icon on the desktop corresponding to each printer that's been set up). Restart in 9 and delete these icons (and make sure they're all gone). Then restart back to X and set your printers up again in Printer Utility. Hopefully this should then recreate the links between classic and X.

If this doesn't work, do what RobMurota suggested - download the Adobe Postscript driver (from their www.adobe.com) and set your printers up separately in the classic Chooser. This isn't ideal, though, as it means any new printers you want to set up you'll have to do twice. The same goes for any configuration changes for existing printers.
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