Request for a complete SRP6 code 'example'

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a fully understandable, functional example of the SRP6 (Secure Remote Password) protocol.

It can be in any language, but should be a pretty much ready-to-go example.  Constants for the username, password verifier, salt, etc, can be used and is encouraged, as it'd be trivial to change the code round to suit a database interface.

Info on the original protocol can be found here: and info on general SRP (including SRP6) can be found at

I know, this is closer to a work-for-hire type thing but this is a personal mission of mine when I'm not working at my dead-end tech support job, so money's a bit tight :)
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Yes just had a look at the site myself would be intersted as well.
In order for you to get a complete picture on how protocols are actually transferred between machines referring the SRP6, or any other security method, you will have to see the standards. See, you can program protocols in any language but the interface may vary thus enforcing you to read the traffic standats:
I found, using the IETF, some details referring SRP (rfc 2945):

Hope that helped in some way...

LycaonAuthor Commented:
I've been over the RFC dozens of times, it's a bit too much for me to totally understand, thus the 500 points and the request for a working example. :\
Programming + flow charts:

Hope that helped;


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LycaonAuthor Commented:

I have made progress on my SRP problem thanks to the URL you posted.  Though it's not a 100% complete solution, I am well on my way to wrapping up the project.  Cognrats :)
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