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About EjectDiskFromSADrive function

i'd like a word or two about how to use this function EjectDiskFromSADrive.
I am trying to eject my cdrom drive simply using the following code, ALTHOUGH i am not really confident that i am doing it right.I'd like to know if this is the function to use to eject the cdrom and how to use it right.

int main()
DWORD ret = 0;
ret = EjectDiskFromSADrive( NULL, NULL, "\\.\\Cdrom0", NULL, NULL, NULL, NTMS_EJECT_FORCE );
case ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED: printf("NTMS_CONTROL_ACCESS to the library is denied. Other security errors are also possible, but they would indicate a security subsystem error."); break;
case ERROR_DATABASE_FAILURE: printf("The database is inaccessible or damaged."); break;
case ERROR_DATABASE_FULL: printf("The database is full."); break;
case ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE: printf("The library is disabled."); break;
case ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE: printf("The session ID is invalid or missing."); break;
case ERROR_INVALID_OPERATION: printf("A stop was performed on an invalid operation ID."); break;
case ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER: printf("A library ID or operation ID pointer is missing."); break;
case ERROR_LIBRARY_OFFLINE: printf("The library ID refers to an offline library that cannot eject media."); break;
case ERROR_MEDIA_NOT_AVAILABLE: printf("The media is disabled."); break;
case ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY: printf("There was an allocation failure during processing."); break;
case ERROR_SUCCESS: printf("The eject operation was successful."); break;

return 0;

I always get the ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER error.
I'd like some help. the msnd is not very helpful.

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2 Solutions

That should be


Thus the 'invalid parameter' error. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/devio/base/ejectdiskfromsadrive.asp ("EjectDiskFromSADrive"):

[in] Name of the device to eject. For example, \\.\Cdrom0 or \\.\PhysicalDriveX (where X is the number of the drive being accessed).

As backslashes need to be doubled, "\\\\.\\Cdrom0" is the correct value.
skiritis13Author Commented:
sorry to break it to you but i already did that.
the results are the same. the 4 backslashes doesn't change something.
so i'm back at the same point.
Um, and have you tried supplying the dialog box parameters that you st to NULL? I.e.:

    [in] Handle to a dialog box window for user confirmation.
    [in] Title displayed in a dialog box to get user input.
    [in] Message displayed in a dialog box to get user input.
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skiritis13Author Commented:
Still no luck even if i change tha params to  this

EjectDiskFromSADrive( NULL, NULL, "\\\\.\\Cdrom0", NULL, "Title", "Message", NTMS_EJECT_FORCE );

I do not think the hWnd param should be sth other than NULL because that just means that the desktop owns the Messagebox.

Any help from anyone???
I'm increasing the points.
>>I do not think the hWnd param should be sth other than NULL

No, the docs *explicitly* state "Handle to a dialog box window for user confirmation"
skiritis13Author Commented:
OK i hear you...
Now i get the same error using the function like this:

DWORD ret = 0;
HWND hwnd = GetDesktopWindow();
ret = EjectDiskFromSADrive( NULL, NULL, "\\\\.\\Cdrom0", hwnd, "Eject", "Eject", NTMS_EJECT_FORCE );

Have you Considered EjectNtmsMedia??


I think this might work better for you.


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