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How do I create an electronic signature? that I can use in word and excel, etc..

How do I create an electronic signature? that I can use in word and excel, etc..?

Additionally, is there a way I dont even have to physically sign something? like a handwriter font?


Chris B.
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Someone with more knowledge than myself in this matter may overrule, but an electronic signature is not the text that is displayed. I can duplicate any text by simply cut and paste. It is the agreement you sign off on at a website, or the like, stating that you are who you say you are.

I am not saying your are wrong in looking for this, just that this is my take on it. Please do not award points on this, just opinion.
Hi Chris,
You can create an electronic signature (digital signature) for your macros using the selfcert.exe program found in the C:Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office folder. You can then choose to accept this digital signature (from the VBA Editor) using the Tools...Digital Signature menu item.

If you need to confirm authenticity to the public at large, you will need to purchase a digital signature from a third party provider like Thawte or VeriSign. These are fairly expensive (over $400), so usually only professional developers go through the exercise.

If you want a handwriting signature, that requires scanning a sample of your signature and then assigning it to a character in one of your fonts. You can buy software for this purpose or hire a third party firm. You can also create glyphs (font characters) for all the other letters you use in cursive text (in effect you can type in your handwriting).


Electronic signatures are done with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) encryption. Instead of encrypting a file you create a hash of the file using your private key. The hash is not a unique value but an unusual value calculated from the document using the private key and a given algorithm. You can give a copy of this document to anybody in the world.  Depending on the type of encryption methodoogy and key distribution techniques used, the recipient will be able to use your public key to apply a known algorithm with the public key obtained from a trusted source to the document that you sent. If the  hashes don't match, it means somebody has boogered with the document or that somebody is impersonating you. If it matches, your signature is good.

You can go to companies like Thawte and Verisign for certificates to do a third party trusted certifying authority. You can also use a product like PgP that uses what they refer to as a circle of trust for distributing the public keys.
Hello !!!

   I suggest you try out the Topaz system for signatures It's the best.. here's the address, you can download the plugin for MS Office..

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