Compatible Backup Tape Drive for Sun Fire V100 Server

I am looking to buy a Backup Tape Drive for Sun Fire V100 Server.
Does anyone know for sure what tape drive I can use?

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Most of DLT tape backup drivers with scsi interface will be compatible.
It depends on the OS, not the hardware of the server.
You might want to look at the follwoing link:

The back of the V100 has no scsi connectors, only USB, so unless you can find, and know how to configure a USB tape device under Solaris you would be better to run your backups over the network to another host with a tape device attached. ufsdump can do remote backup, but you need to set the .rhosts file in / for the backup server. This is a minor potential security concern, but only if the client or server get compromised.

   Or buy a PCI SCSI card and plug into SunFire v100.
Most of Adaptec or LSI  SCSI cards are support by Solaris.

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Question for Wesley: where do you propose you plug in the PCI SCSI card on a V100?
Take a look at
and you'll see what I mean. There is nowhere to plug any add-on cards on these machines.

- CB
Hi colinbo,

   You're right, my mistake. I mistook V100 as V210. Thanks for your correction.

This is an "interesting problem" and it got me to do some web searches. I turned up:

So it would seem that it might be possible to use a USB tape device. However, what I didn't find is any reference to anyone that claimed to have done so.

The only other option you'd have with one of those boxes is to attach a tape to some other Unix/Linux system and do backups across the network.
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