Filling DataGrid from collection class

Hello again,

is it possible to fill a datagrid based on a collection class?

my collection class is inheriting from the DictionaryBase class.


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MSDN said: "The data source must be an object that implements the System.Collections.IEnumerable interface"

you can fill a datagrid based on a collection class which inheriting from the DictionaryBase class. Because DictionaryBase is the class implement IEnumerable interface.
brdrokAuthor Commented:
Hey dungla....

thanks for your feedback.  I can't seem to find "The data source must be an object that implements the System.Collections.IEnumerable interface".  Can you please provide a link.  

The closest thing i saw was: "The following data sources are valid: Any component that implements the IList interface"

However, from what I have gathered so far is that the "DictionaryBase" is implementing the following interfaces: ICollection, IEnumerable, and IDictionary. Does that mean, I am out of luck?  Does that mean I will have to declare my class like this:

public class Employees : DictionaryBase, IList

So many questions, and only so many hours in a day :)

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Hi brdrok, the answer to your question is yes.  The DictionaryBase inherits from ICollection, which is a parent of IList.  So you would need to include IList on your class definition and implement the needed functions for IList.
brdrokAuthor Commented:

thank you.  I have posted another question (400 pts) asking how to implement the Add method of the IList interface.  Can't seem to get it to work.  If you would like to take a crack at it, it should be there.  thanks


Here is the link in my MSDN July 2004


The topic: BaseDataList.DataSource Property  [C#]
brdrokAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help.  i suppose creating a dataview is the way to go about this.  still was somehow hoping to implement the IList interface to my DictionaryBase collection class but appearantly I am still too dumb :(

Was trying to ge the best of both worlds.  implement the IList so i can use it as a datasource for a datagrid, but I also like the key, value pair as well....  

anywho......thanks for all your help you two....

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