PC Connection Problem

I moved my PC and cable connection to a new residence, it was running fine before I moved it. The connection to the cable company is working fine but my PC runs verrrrrry slow on the Internet, yet my girlfriends PC runs great. Hers had never been hooked to my connection before either. I un-installed my firewall and have checked for Spyware, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas here?
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Have you checked which DNS you are using?  Slow name resolution can hinder your access.
Hi tsalcedo

How about using girlfriends PC :-)

If you are on the same connection simply copy your girlfriends network-setup
Hey Tsa!

Sometimes a poor physical cable connection or intermittant connection will make it go slow.
Spyware or viruses can make it go slow.
If you have any static tcp/ip settings I would set everything to automatic.

If her computer is infected...it can cause your computer to run slow too online... so check all machines and make sure everyone has all the latest windows updates.

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tsalcedoAuthor Commented:
When I reboot my machine I need to make sure the cable is unplugged, once booted up I can plug it in an everything works fine.
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