ARP Broadcast Storm

I just downloaded Ethereal and scaned my network.

There are alot of arp broadcasts from all clients and servers.
Some are by host name, some are IP address's

10.x.x.x broadcast arp who has 10.x.x.x? tell 10.x.x.x

NT4.0 PDC server running Wins, DHCP, DNS
Win2K Member running Exchange5.5
Win2k3 member running SUS
XP Pro Clients

I have 10 3com Switchs SS II 3300
10.x.x.x Spanning-tree - (for-bridges)_00   STP
(this is coming off my core switch only)

I also noticed some dns requests the same way as the arp's

I also noticed IPX RIP Request's
00000000.000048b37e0e  00000000.ffffffffffff  IPX RIP Request

Is all this normal?

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CMILLERAuthor Commented:
I also noticed IPX RIP Request's
00000000.000048b37e0e  00000000.ffffffffffff  IPX RIP Request

this was my Epson Plotter 000048b37e0e was the mac
Yes, ARP and RIP requests are normal on an IP/IPX network.  Everytime a system needs to communicate with another system on the same subnet, it must send an ARP request to discover the target system's MAC address (unless the system has previously communicated with the system, the entry resides in the local systems ARP cache, as long as it hasn't aged out).  ARP is a necessary component for IP communication so as long as the traffic is not excessive, it is normal.

How many systems do you have on the local LAN?  

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CMILLERAuthor Commented:
about 75
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You should see a good amount of ARP traffic then, you would know if you had an ARP broadcast storm (hundreds and hundreds of ARPS, constantly).  Like I said, it is normal to see ARP traffic on your network.
CMILLERAuthor Commented:
Do you see anything from this network setup that would make it a more efficient network
( as far as traffic )

CMILLERAuthor Commented:
The plotter had a static IP and Netware IPX enabled

I disabled the Netware
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