ISA Authentication popup box - make it go away

I have just configured ISA 2000 on SBS 2000 with XP SP2 clients.
I have made one access rule to allow unauthenticated access to a few sites and another to allow a couple of users unrestricted web access.
Clients are configured via entering proxy details, thru an automatic script.

The problem is that the people with limited access are being asked for a username and password when they try to surf to a blocked site.
Unrestricted users do not, so integrated authentication looks like it is working. Everyone can get to the limited site list without authenticaing too.
If I turn off all the rules, so as to block all access, then IE stops asking for a username and password for proxy server.

How can I stop the authentication box from appearing? This seems stupid, encouraging users to sit around try to guess other people's password. Especially now they can't get on the internet.
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TannerManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is by design. If, as you say, "I even put them in a list denying them access to all sites ", then the browser is basically stating....

you don't have access as this machine's logged on user, so give me some alternate credentials that has permissions and I'll let you go to this webiste.

I hope I understand the issue right and aren't just running you in circles. The logon box IS going to pop up if a user does NOT have acess to that site. I know of no way to disable this.
As far as I know, you will not be able to turn this off.
ISA is being set to authenticate access and if the logged user isn't in the list, then the box will come up.
I know of no way to work around it.

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ccceqo2Author Commented:
Yeah, I've looked all through that site. The thing is that the user IS in the list. I even put them in a list denying them access to all sites and they still get the box.
I mainly would like to know if this happens with other people running ISA or has someone got a setup where this doesn't happen?
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ccceqo2Author Commented:
"the browser is basically stating" Thanks for that bit. It may well be IE that is causing the problem.
I might be able to test with another browser this week and I will let you know how it goes.
ccceqo2Author Commented:
well I didn't get to test with a different browser. I'd still like to hear from anyone using ISA if this happens to them.
If I don't get anymore posts in the next week I'll accept the above.
ccceqo2Author Commented:
I never found out if this is normal, and I never got a chance to do more testing. My customer never noticed anyway so I will just leave this alone now.
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