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Hi All -

I have a tiny php app that I created in windows and am now uploading to the UNIX based webserver.  Every page is getting  500-Internal Server Error.  So I'm figuring there's something I don't know about this migration.

Poking around I saw a number of people recommending using wordpad rather than notepad and also uploading with ASCII rather than binary.  I've tried several combinations, but still no luck.

For testing I'm using a really simple test page : <? echo("hello world") ?>  so I don't see how it can be anything on the page?  

This is my first go round with php, so I could very well have missed something obvious.

Thanks for the help.  - A

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hm php typical does not serv a internal 500 error. Typical it shows the php-source-code or a white page but not a 500 error.
It does not mater if the php is code with windows or unix.

Can you get the error-log of that server to get more infromation what is causing this 500-error?

Looks like the servr you are uploading is not cofigured properly for php

Try this as a testpage. does that output anything ??
savageanneAuthor Commented:
Hi - thanks for the rapid response.  I did the phpinfo test, no change, still a 500 error.  HTML pages do load fine in case that triggers anything in your mind.

The server is a hosting provider, and I don't have access to error logs.

We have submitted a ticket thinking that php might not be configured correctly, but that seems unlikely since this is a relatively big service provider and I imagine they have a number of clients running php.

- A
savageanneAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to add that I did actually figure this out, hope this helps some other newbie in the future.

Turns out there were two problems.

(1) I didn't have the path to php in my files.  Added this as the very first line in the file:

(2) Change the CHMOD on the files to 755 as instructed by my hosting provider.
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