security deletion

I reinstalled OS. After that I use Eraser to 35 times delete the unused space.

The question is: In the part where the re-installation already took place, are there still cluster tips of previous installation system files or data files to be found?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What is your Operating System and version?  Did you do a clean install after FDISK/reformat or how did you go about this?  Without more detail, tough to advise you.  Also why did you reinstall, problems?  That may help; if not a whole new clean install, may have virus/worm/trojan/spyware and other residual problems.
simalaAuthor Commented:
My OS is ME. I reinstalled using the recovery CD came with the purchase. I reinstalled due to it started getting slow and easy to freeze (normally you have to reinstall every year anyway, depending how often you use and how many programs you install). During the re-install there was a format process. But I read an article saying format itself doesn't delete the cluster tips of the previous files.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I'm sorry to say that I'm not a ME person; chose to go from 98 to 98 SE then to Windows XP now XP SP2; but others better versed in ME will likely step in here to help you.  I have rarely had a need to do a reinstall of my OS, but rather choose to troubleshoot problems and fix them directly.  But that's always a choice we make.  The best general advice I could give in the regards of degraded performance is to 1) run maintenance  - cleanup/scandisk or disk checking and defrag 2) clear browser's cache (temp files, history)  3) don't run unnecessary start up items 4) don't load too many fonts not needed 5) keep updated Viruscan and Spyware protections.

That said, WindowsUpdate to install updates / service packs and patches is most important.  Keeping your software updates as well as drivers is a very wise strategy.

Are you low on disk space, therefore concerned?  Or is it the cluster size you wish to explore further?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
This link may provide some assistance for ME, and includes many troubleshooting processes.;EN-US;winme

I am hopeful that if this does not serve your needs, others will step in here to help you further.  I will also respond when I can, if I can help you further.

Best wishes,
":-0)  Asta
simalaAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone,

I am not a beginner in PC maintenance so those basic requirements are taken care of.

My main purpose is while reinstalling OS why not experience security delete  as the question title suggests.

In my understanding the part where the new installation occupied must also have previous files' file names and cluster tips. Because the re-install actually just overwrote the previous files once, didn't it? And one time is not enough to remove the previous file names and cluster tips.

Currently I am deleting the unused space with the options of file names and cluster tips ticked.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Unfortunately, I've been the only one here trying to help you so far.  Hopefully others will come by with just what you need.  I'm very busy with work, but will check back when I can.  Found a link that has some Freeware for ME, and other helpers, called Sysinternals; here's the link in the hopes it'll add something of value to you in the meantime.

  o Fixed a problem with erasing cluster tips on Windows ME if
    System Restore was disabled.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:

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