entering a search string in the script step "show custom dialog"

i have a search function that uses the script step "show custom dialog". my database has 3 text fields and calculation field that combines the data in the three fields:
field1 = text
field2 = text
field3 = text
search_field = field 1 & field2 & field3
and i use the show custom dialog to perform a find on the search_field
my question is:
is there a way to enter a search string using this function??
example: i want to search for "this is a test". i tried entering the search string with "" around the text but the result showed all records with either 'this' or 'is' or 'a' or 'test' in them

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Try inserting a  == (double equals sign) in front of the string to search for. This will tell FileMaker to search for the exact phrase instead of just the words in the phrase.
When you are in find mode, there's a small drop-down menu in the Status Area with the word Symbols next to it.
Click this and it will give you a short list of special symbols to use when searching, including wildcards, ranges, etc. You don't have to use this menu, you can just type the symbols directly, but the menu is a helpful reminder of the options that are available.
kauakeaAuthor Commented:
the == doesnt work. i am executing my find by first getting the search criteria from the 'Input Fields' on the "Show Custom Dialog" script step
When you say it doesn't work, what do you mean?  What results does it return? Does it give you an error message?

You say you're getting the search criteria from the input fields dialog. Are these fields global?

Regardless of how you get the search criteria into the file, you need to put it into a find request. Have you checked to see exactly what value is being provided to the find request? For example if you used AAA, BBB, and CCC for the three values, then at the point before you submit the find request, your search criteria should look like this:

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define search_field as:
"==" & """" & field1 & field2 & field3 & """"

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Hmm, apparently the == DOES work... :)

bill, == works when you type it directly, he's using a calculated field to work out the search_field from field 1 , 2 and 3; therefore he needs to concatenate == with f1 f2 f3 + quotes to find only the exact expression; if you miss quotes,  it will find separate words as well. So to find an exact expression manually:
if you use ==expression, a field containing "expression tar" can be found also.
The original poster said that he did use quotes. My suggestion was to add the == in front of his existing search string, which I assumed already had quotes around it. My fault for not being explicit in my answer.
I've been told before that I have a tendency to go on and on...
That was not enough since he was using a calculated field. I have no idea if he tried yr expression manually before, in which case it would have been ok.
Never mind, it is fixed, which is the main goal
>Never mind, it is fixed, which is the main goal
Of course!
I'm not bitter... Not at all...
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stop whine, have wine!
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