RedHat 9 with SATA150 378 raid driver: ost password

Hey Gang,

I have inherited a system at work, for which no one knows the password.  My options are to do a rescue boot and change the password (preferred) or to reinstall it.  Neither is working right now because of the Raid drivers.  here's the situation.

RedHat 9
Tyan 2668ANR dual processor motherboard with the PDC20378 (SATA378) RAID chipset integrated.

If I boot to the CD and do a "rescue linux"...
1. I insert the floppy with the drivers on it,
2. it accepts the drivers into the devices list
3. I use "add devices" to install the raid module (all still at the install screens)
4. When I get to the rescue screens, it says it can't recognize the partition on the drives.
5. I drop to a prompt.
6. I go to /dev and see only an hda (no /dev/rd or /dev/ird)
7. When I fdisk the /dev/hda, it thinks the drive is 650MB (incorrect) and it cannot recognize the partition.

If I try to do  fresh install from CD...
1-3 the same
4. It gets to the install screens and asks if I want to partition the drive.
5. When I attempt to it says it cannot recognize a valid drive.


Mike R.Asked:
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Why not just interrupt the boot sequence and add to the kernel parameters:     single

That will boot the machine into single user mode with root already logged in.  Then just change the passwd with the passwd command.
What I meant was to boot from the hard drive, not from a rescue CD or floppy.  
Mike R.Author Commented:
How do you interrupt the boot sequence?  I am not familliar with Linux really at all.  Is it ctrl-alt-f2?  Could you offer step-by-steps?  I would be eternally greatful!!

Mike R.Author Commented:
Never mind.  I figured out how to add the parameter "single" to the in...changes the password!

Whoo hoo!
I hope I never meet the admin who left thi machine hanging like that.  I don't like to hurt people :-)

Thanks for the help!
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