unable to log on line

hi  after  running Norton antivirus   , and finding some viruses  , and deleted them , I keep getting  the message , this program has performer  an illegal operation and needs to close , I have since uninstalled the anti virus  , but  not only that  I keep getting the  message error , but  I think that some of the deleted files were part of the software that  air was using to connect to the  net, cause  now I can not  log on line , I get the missing file error , need help thanks
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canuto186Author Commented:
hi  I did that and it worked,  now I'm able to log on , with my pc being  part of a network  ,now what I need is to  make my pc ,the mane computer of the network , in other words  this pc would be computer  # 1  , the  problem is  that I connected the DSL modem to the mane pc or # 1  and I'm not able to log on  , but when  it was part of the network I had no problem , could it have to do anything with the driver , meaning the modem driver ,  thanks
I am not really clear..

In the first sentence when you say it worked , can you tell me what worked ?

Do you know if the DSL modem is working or not ?

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canuto186Author Commented:
yes the modem was working  , but it was connected to another pc, and the pc that i'm trying to connect the modem to, was just part of the network, but now thte i hve the modem in a different pc i can not connect the net  the mothem is a  usb speedstream 5263   thanks . i hope that you're les confused, i get confused my self trying to explain
What happens if you connect the modem to this PC and login to the PCs original account instead of logging on to the network.. Can you connect to the computer rather than network and see if you can make the modem to work
canuto186Author Commented:
that is what i'm trying to do but  i have not being able to , does this modem needs a driver , this pc has win98  , but       the one that i had it connected to has windows xp , there for i think it  did not need a driver  any ideas thanks
I guess so cos windows xp has got inbuilt drivers for many many devices.. windows 98 doesnot or may not..

1)  Go to control panel/system/device manager and see if any of the devices are complaining (yellow circles or red X's).  If so, they need drivers
2)  If you have a modem in the computer, can you connect using dial-up?
3)  Can you ping other computers on the network?  Can you ping anything in the outside world?
4)  Go into control panel/network.  Highlight TCPIP and click on Properties.  Check these against other computers on the network.  All should have the same gateway and subnet mask, but the IP addresses will be different.  Check DNS setting also.

report back what you find.
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