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I recently lost an exchange server due to a motherboard problem. The OS had limited activations(server 2003) and I wasn't able to re-activate it after replacing the motherboard. I built another exchange 2003 server on Windows server 2003 ent. ed volume license this time. I also have a domain controller running ad on server 2003 as well. I made the new exchange server a backup domain controller. I swear I've cleaned up all remnants of the dead server and have the new server up and running, but I'm having problems. I tried to add my account in Outlook 2003 on my laptop, but get errors trying to check my name. The message I get is the name could not be resolved. the name could not be matched to a name in the address list . Any ideas what I missed? Is there a utility I can use to check my setup?
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First - did you make the Exchange server a DC before or after the Exchange install?
You do know that it is not recommended to install Exchange on a DC? It is much happier without the overhead.
Furthermore it isn't supported to change the roles of the server after Exchange has been installed. If it was a member server at the time of install then it must stay a member server.

Did Exchange install correctly? Any errors in the install process or in the event log afterwards?

This is the official word on removing an Exchange server.

You will need to look at it carefully as you aren't removing Exchange from the domain.
It should just be a matter of removing the server from ESM (right click on the server etc) and then removing the entries in the hidden Exchange system objects group in ADUC. Give the domain a little while to replicate and all will be well.

You should also at this article on removing the first Exchange server. It outlines a number of objects that should have been moved to the new server. You will need to go through and verify that they are on the new server. This could involve checking that certain system folders have been set up to replicate (they need to have at least one server in the replication list - even if you only have one server and it lists themselves).

It is a pity that you didn't allow 2003 to activate again. If the online activation had failed then you could have called Microsoft and done a manual activation.

rstumbaugh21502Author Commented:
"It is a pity that you didn't allow 2003 to activate again"

This was a limited activation version of server 2003, I had no choice in the matter, it had nothing to do with my allowing anything and there couldn't be a manual activation, I did call microsoft and there was nothing they could do. Go ahead and close this question, and please refund my points.

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