Wireless OS X Printing to linksys wireless print server

ah, using products that don't support the Mac.

the powerbook doesn't see the printer, kinda. i unfortunately have an XP box which prints fine.

the setup:
XP box is wired to the SMC Barricade Wireless Router.
the HP LaserJet 1200 is USB wired to the Linksys PSUS4 Wireless Print Server which is wired to the SMC.

all internet connectivity is  fine.

if i connect (from the Mac) to the print server via a browser, i can print test pages.
when i set up a printer in printer setup with the IP Printing selection; using LPD/LPR as printer type and lp for the queue.

funny thing, it was set up once before and it worked...so i know it's possible.

help! :)
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idarmadiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Can you print to it (using the same setup (IP Printing/LPD-LPR)) if you connect your powerbook using wire to the SMC?

lettertenAuthor Commented:
i couldn't earlier today, but i tried it again after deleting the printer and adding it again. volia. now, for the moment, i can print wirelessly.
glad to hear that it's working. :)
I would also suggest you configure the Mac to use IPP protocol rather than LPD/LPR.
The Linksys supports IPP (see chapter 7 of the User Guide) and IPP is the Mac OS X 10.3
native printing protocol.

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