Remote Desktop Connection.

Bit stuck on this one and would really appreciate a solution, here i go :)

Usually i would connect to this win2kpro machine via realvnc. But the accept socket connections option remains unticked, even after ticking the box, typing the password and clicking apply or/and OK.

I re-installed realvnc with v4 and still the same thing.

I also tried TightVNC, with exactly the same thing.

Reason why i posted in this area is that I would like some software that could connect to a win2k machine with creditionals incase something like this happens!

I remotely scanned and found no viruses.

I know there is a heap of spyware! iexplorer will not open, it just crashes.
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linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Hi Valicon,

Error: Connecting to machine : 5 : Access is denied.

No option to set the credentials...
Make sure that you have admin rights to the local machine.  If you do, you should own the box.
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linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

its a computer on the domain and im on the server logged in as domain admin. hmm./...
It should work....if not add your account to the local admin group on the box
linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

no go, im afraid.
Same error?  Try cleaning the spyware off and then try to connect.

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Yes - I'm with Valicon.
Get Spybot SD and Adaware.  Run them both, multiple times, until the machine reboots clean.

Then check the xp machine.  If the XP machine has SP 2, you may need to configure or disable the firewall in order to get any kind of remote-software to work properly.

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Spyware cleaning did the job as soon as spybot finished the clean I could connect. I never knew that spyware could do that.

Lesson learnt, thanks
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